Chat and Buddy

EHS Mentor Chat and buddy

I have been matched with my buddy for nearly a year now and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have fun hanging out with him. His energy and excitement every time we meet, continues to amaze me. Although, we have had a lot of fun going to the pool or watching a movie, our favorite thing to do is play horse. I think he really enjoys it because he wins almost every time, but the amount of energy he has after every shot that goes in, makes it so fun for me as well. Whether it is going out on an adventure or just seeing him in the halls at school, his smile makes my day. Our relationship has grown from a mentorship to a friendship, and I can’t wait to create some new memories with my buddy.

Buddy Parents

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this program. Chat and our son first connected about one year ago prior to returning to in-person learning. Over the months, they have developed a meaningful friendship. While the transition to high school was difficult for our son, Chat was there to help answer questions, show him the school, etc. Chat is a remarkable mentor and has made a world of difference.

Our son has matured and become more self-confident as a result of his exposure to Chat's genuine kindness and mindful decorum. Thank you Athletes for Kids and thank you Chat. We appreciate all that you do and the impact you've personally made on our son's life.

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