Athletes for Kids is not just about sports

Our program is focused upon building supportive, mentoring relationships between high school athletes and children who have disabilities and special needs of all kinds.

Impact Stories

Every month we highlight our mentors and buddies stories of kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Beat the heat with Cosmic Slime

By AFK Staff | July 18, 2019

Beat the heat and make a cosmic slime together. Follow these easy instructions for a fun time with your buddy…

Natalie and Buddy

By Mayja Pastrana | May 8, 2019

When my buddy and I first started spending time together, …

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Olivia and Buddy

By Mayja Pastrana | May 8, 2019

When I first began Athletes for Kids, I waited about …

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Arden and buddy

By Mayja Pastrana | May 8, 2019

Near the end of my junior year, one of my …

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Athletes for Kids by the Numbers

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We are making a difference

Mentoring Children

Mentoring Children

Athletes For Kids serves children in 1st through 12th grade who have a recognized disability or special need. We carefully match each child with a qualified student athlete who commits to mentoring a child for one to three years.

Youth Development

Youth Development

Our goal is to assist mentors in developing strong values and character so they become leaders, role models, game-changers, and effective contributors to society. We do this by providing an intensive new mentor training, followed by monthly meetings where they receive ongoing training and support.

Community engagement

Community Engagement

Athletes For Kids provides opportunities for youth and adult members of the community to participate in, volunteer at, or attend safe and inclusive local events. Our goal is to foster healthy communities, where acceptance and inclusion of youth with all abilities is a priority.

Challenge Series Race

On Saturday, July 27 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Life Enrichment Options brings to you the 2019 Challenge Series Race. The gravity car race allows those with mental and physical disabilities the experience of a soapbox derby-type race while riding in a car piloted by a driver 10 years or older. This is an event the whole family will enjoy!

We are gracious for the support from our partners and community