Mentor Impact

AFK mentors make a difference, one mentorship at a time. Mentors are role models and have a passion to impact the life of their buddies through friendship and their commitment to serving others. Mentors help transform our communities into the kind of society children need to thrive. A society characterized by acceptance, inclusion, respect and kindness. This is a collection of AFK’s testimonials, awards, and community impact, all the direct result of our mentors and their dedication to the AFK program.

Community Action

AFK believes that modeling acceptance, inclusion, and respect of all individuals transforms and strengthens our community.


At the heart of the AFK mentorship program are stories. Stories of kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Of mentors, buddies and of their friendship-which has a lifetime […]

Awards and Grants

AFK is an Expert partner of Mentor Washington and has the 2019 Guidestar Bronze seal of transparency. Here is a collection of our commitment to serve […]

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