Rylie and buddy

Friendship is a true gift and one that Issaquah mentor Rylie has given to her buddy. Matched for almost a year, Rylie has been a calming and consistent presence in her buddy’s life.

Nak and buddy

Mercer Island mentor Nak Nayar and his buddy may have only been matched 8 months but in that short time they have a forged a wonderful friendship. The boys both attend Mercer Island High School so they see one another at school as well as spending time together every weekend.

Lauren and buddy

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to mentor my buddy, says BHS mentor Lauren. My buddy radiates happiness and is so fun to be with. I love mentoring her because it means so much to me that I can make an impact in someone’s life.

Kojo and buddy

When I was matched with my buddy, I wasn’t really sure what to expect” says Redmond mentor Kojo. “I knew what I wanted out of it – experience, fun, and the chance to grow as a person– but I didn’t know what his expectations for me were.

Patrick and buddy

“My time with my buddy has been truly astounding. From the beginning, he has shown pure enthusiasm and I enjoy spending any amount of time being around him.”

Lauren and buddy

“My mentorship with my buddy has grown so much in the past year”, say Eastlake mentor Lauren.” We have done so many fun activities together and it is something new every week. Being able to mentor my buddy and having her as one of my friends means so much to me and it warms my heart every time I see her because she is always so excited to be with me.

Connor and Buddy

Juanita high school mentor Connor says, every single time I have the chance to hang out with my buddy, he absolutely makes my day and usually my week! My buddy has an appreciation for everything and our friendship is only getting stronger.

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