3 Ways to Play with Food Coloring

Here are 3 easy and fun activities that are simple to do with materials you probably already have at home!

Lotion painting


White lotion

-Food coloring

-Paint brush or craft pom-poms/cotton balls

-Wax paper



First, you and your buddy can mix the colors into the lotion. Make sure to separate each color, you can use a plate to do the mix. Then tape down some wax paper (waxy side up) and draw simple designs on it so you and your buddy can paint. You can use a paint brush or switch to pom poms for a fun dot effect!

Ice Block


Good sized plastic container

-10-15 little plastic toys

-Food coloring


This fun activity can be done in two meetings. In the first one, fill the container with water (as tall as you want). Add a few drops of food coloring - practice mixing colors! The colors will all blend together at the end. Throw in some fun little plastic toys and freeze overnight. Make sure to ask your buddy’s mom to save it for the next meeting. The following meeting take the ice block outside and you and your buddy can see how it melts, throw it to the ground or “dig” into it and see whoever finds a toy first wins!

Color Cloud


Tall glass vase or jar

-Water. oil or shaving cream

-Food coloring


Fill your jar/vase (taller the better) with water to almost the top. Put some shaving cream or a thin layer of oil on the top. The food coloring doesn't dissolve in either and sinks through and explodes into the water in pretty streaks of color! If you're using shaving cream, you can relate it to a cloud filling with water until the color becomes rain!

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