Who We Are





Athletes for Kids serves children in 1st through 9th grade with special needs or disabilities of all kinds.

We carefully match each child with a qualified high school athlete who commits to mentoring a child for one to three years.  Once a mentorship is formed, the pair meets two to four times a month.

Mentor candidates are referred to our program by other AFK Mentors, coaches, teachers, Athletic Directors, and community members.   Every applicant must pass a thorough screening and background check before being accepted into our program.  Once selected, they are required to attend an intensive training, followed by monthly meetings where they receive one-on-one training by our Program Director, specific to working with the special needs of their buddy, on-going support to further their skills, and peer collaboration sessions.


Few other programs match mentors and mentees from the same generation, and who live in the same neighborhoods.  Our program is distinctive in that it pairs a high school athlete with a child in a developing mentorship.   The two work together to find common ground and learn from each other in a variety of ways.  Both participants bring their own interests and abilities to the mentorship, and over time, many of the pairings grow into strong friendships.    

The AFK program helps mentee “buddies” cope with social challenges while also expanding awareness for our mentors about the hurdles their buddies may face on a daily basis. Each have experienced similar situations, from the challenges of fitting in on the playground or school cafeteria, to the facing challenges in classroom or riding the school bus. Our mentors have firsthand knowledge of what it is like for today’s youth when it comes to current issues such as social media and the constant presence of technology in their environment.