Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Activities

You can have so much fun with your buddy with these fun St. Patrick's Day activities!

Shamrock Collage

These Shamrock Mosaics are a fun Kids Craft for St. Patrick's Day.

Draw a simple 4 clover on a thick sheet. Apply glue all over (you can use a paintbrush or your hands to apply it) Cover the shamrock with green paper scraps and cover the marker lines as shown in the image.

Delicious Shamrock Shake Recipe

These minty milkshake is actually very easy to make at home, and they’re a fun way to celebrate with the Saint Patrick’s Day with your buddy!

For this recipe, you’ll need vanilla ice cream, milk, mint extract and green food coloring. The ingredients go into a blender and are whirred together until smooth and creamy.

It’s best to use mint extract for this recipe rather than the more common peppermint extract. The extracts actually have two different flavors, and the plain mint extract will get you closer to the taste of the McDonald’s shake.

We recommend using whole milk in this shake for the creamiest result. You can use other types of milk, but the shakes may be a little thinner. Use 10 drops of green food coloring to get a very vibrant green color. If you’re using a concentrated food coloring gel rather than the liquid, you’ll need 3-4 drops to achieve the same result.

The best way to top a Shamrock Shake is with a swirl of whipped cream, some festive sprinkles and a cherry! If you can find some green straws, that’s even better!

Make sure that you always check your buddy’s emergency card for any allergies or restrictions, if in doubt ask the buddy parent.

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