Beat the heat with Cosmic Slime

This summer, make some cosmic slime together.  Follow these easy instructions for a fun time with your buddy.

There are lots of recipes for slime out there. Which one you choose depends on the ingredients you have and the type of slime you want(transparent or solid colored). This is a simple, safe recipe that produces that classic slime we all love.

What You Need to Make Slime

Clear Glitter glue

½ cup of liquid starch

Food coloring

Acrylic Paint

How to Make Slime

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. You can either use the pre-glittered glue like she shows in the video, or you can add clear glue and your favorite glitters. You will need 1/2 cup of liquid starch. After stirring the ingredients, you will check the consistency. If the recipe is too thin and not yet like slime, you should add more, one teaspoon at a time. Stir each time you add and then stop when you have the right texture. Once it’s all mixed up, you can knead the dough and you’ll get a teal colored slime. Add some more color by adding acrylic paint to the mixture.

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