3 Fun Activities to Beat the Heat

icecream in a bag

3 Fun Activities to Beat the Heat

It’s summer and the temperature is rising. This collection of summer activities will not only keep you cool but you and your buddy are guaranteed to have a fun time together!

Paint on Ice Blocks


-A large piece of ice


-A plastic tray to catch the puddles


  1. Pour water in your plastic container and allow it to freeze overnight
  2. You and your buddy can brush the watercolors on top of the ice block.
  3. Notice what happens with the watercolors as the ice starts melting. The texture starts changing, as do the colors.
  4. When finished either leave it as is, or press a piece of paper on top to make a print

Ice Cream in a bag

Nothing screams summer like a tasty frozen treat! Make sure to look at your buddy’s emergency card information to see if he or she has any food allergies.


-1/2 cup heavy whipping cream or half and half

-1 tsp vanilla

-2 1/2 tsp sugar


  1. Place these ingredients into a tightly sealed sandwich sized bag, pressing the air out as you seal it. 
  2. Put this into another tightly sealed sandwich bag. 
  3. Fill a gallon size resealable bag half-way full of ice cubes and mix with 6 tablespoons of coarse kosher salt. 
  4. Put the sealed sandwich-size bag into the middle of the ice and seal the larger bag.
  5. To make the ice cream, get moving! You need to shake the bag for about 5-10 minutes. You and your buddy can run, play tag or toss the bag to each other. Shaking the bag also works great! 

Super Soaker Sponge balls

These DIY splash balls are perfect for playing in the water!


-6-8 sponges multi-color

-Cotton string



  1. Cut each sponge lengthwise into 4 pieces.
  2. Take 4 sponge pieces and lay them side by side and stack 4 more directly on top of them.
  3. Take a piece of string and tie around all the sponge pieces. Make sure to pull the string very tight and knot it. Cut off the excess string. 
  4. Dip Sponge Balls in buckets of water and have a great water fight.


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