Davis and Buddy

Davis and Buddy impact

“Being a part of the AFK organization, I have had amazing experiences and created friendships that will last forever. I am happy the Athletes for Kids Program gave me an opportunity to form a friendship with my buddy. I have had so much fun and learned a lot from all the hours we have spent together. For fun, my buddy and I enjoy playing Xbox games (Minecraft and Rock of Ages), painting/building models, drawing, going outside, scootering, playing badminton, going to the store, and playing board games. Throughout the highs and lows of this year, I value the friendship we share, and I am grateful to be able to mentor such a bright individual.

We have been very fortunate to have found Athletes For Kids 3 years ago and our son has befriended two amazing young men. Davis and our son had an instant friendship. It was like they had been friends for years. We are thankful for Davis's patience, flexibility, and compassion in making a positive impact in our son's life. They both encourage each other to try new things and our son looks forward to their weekly visits. He is accepted unconditionally and feels special. Our son said, "Davis shared a Japanese commercial that sold Calbee chips & I went out and bought them as a surprise and we tried them together.  That was a favorite memory. We both enjoy looking a Memes, playing Xbox and he has helped me in more ways than I can think of. " Having a mentor in our son's life has given him more confidence and it has pushed him to be more independent and experience new things. They have Nerf battles, built wooden models, attended Lego Brick Con, ran in a Kids Challenge Mud Race together, went to the Burke Museum,  played fun board games, baked, decoded and sent messages to each other with an Enigma Machine II and play Xbox. It has been such a rewarding experience for our families, and we look forward to what other adventures they explore together. Thanks, Davis, and AFK! There needs to be more love, understanding and acceptance in the world like this. “

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