Fun with books and Storyline Online

Reading a book with a friend is always a good idea! Here are some fun ways to read a book while social distancing with your buddy.

Book selection Sticks: Make a list of books you both want to read and write them individually in sticks (you can make yours at home and your buddy can make his at home) Keep the sticks in a jar and take turns choosing -one week you can choose one and one week your buddy can choose one.

Read a book on Zoom: Once you selected the book, you can take turns reading the book on Zoom. You can also have fun activities that you can do after you read the book: How about making a drawing of the book’s main character and coloring it?

Read a book while social distancing outdoors: You both can bring the book you selected and read together in a park while social distancing. Then you can go on scavenger hunts together and try to find elements of the book you just read outside.

Storyline Online: streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Click here to try it with your buddy:

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