3 Outdoor games to play with your buddy

Prepare for fun and some good ol' competition with these DIY outdoor games.

Flamingo Ring Toss


  • Plastic flamingos with stakes (as many as you like)
  • Lightweight plastic rings
  • Planters and sand (optional and only needed if you don’t have a yard or you don’t want to stake your flamingos into the grass)


  1. Optional: fill your planters with sand and stick the flamingos in (if you don’t want to stake them to the grass) Skip this step if you prefer to stake them to the grass
  2. Line the planters up or flamingos or make harder targets by spreading them out with the ones further away being worth more points
  3. Start playing!

Backyard Mini Golf

Bring that feeling of vacation nostalgia home by setting up a mini golf course in your own back yard.


  • Bowls
  • Flags
  • Poster boards or cutouts (have fun creating them with your buddy before playing)


To set up, use upside down saucers or bowls for cups and craft simple flags from poster board and dowel rods. Create a 9-hole course across your yard adding fun challenges by incorporating the natural elements of your landscape (think sandy pits...treacherous rocky terrains...uphill sidewalks) or by bringing in obstacles and creative cutouts

Soda Crate Ring Toss


  • Old school glass bottles
  • Old school soda crate


Arrange old school glass bottles (you can also purchase new glass soda bottles) in a divided soda crate. Rack up points by tossing plastic rings around the bottle necks.

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