William and Buddy

RHS Mentor William and his buddy

Getting to meet with my buddy on a weekly basis has been an amazing experience. It has been awesome to see my buddy grow in different areas, and this friendship has taught me a lot about myself too. Being a mentor has taught me patience, kindness, compassion, and to always consider other’s perspectives. I always look forward to our meetings, whether we are fishing, mini golfing, playing Xbox, or playing at the park. Through our meetings we work on different challenging areas and are able to grow our friendship. The relationship we have built has been very valuable to me and I can’t wait to create more memories with my buddy!

Having William has a mentor has been a wonderful opportunity for our son to try new things such as their recent fishing adventure where he learned to bait a hook, learned to fish, modeled Will on how to be VERY patient and actually catching, touching and eating a fish!  The boys have all kinds of fun and new experiences planned for this summer too - including our son’s first Mariners game with Will.  I would say that Will has been an exceptional role model, always willing to try new things and letting our son lead as much as possible.  Will is responsive and consistently communicates in a timely manner and is really great about keeping us up to date on his schedule and plans.  We feel very fortunate to have been matched up with Will and his supportive family.

Thank you so much!

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