Patrick and Buddy

2-Patrick and buddy

My time with my buddy has been truly astounding. From the beginning, he has shown pure enthusiasm and I enjoy spending any amount of time being around him. He is always ready to head to the nearest field to play soccer and is a Brainiac when it comes to club soccer teams from around the world. My buddy always sees the positives in the world and I admire his profound joy. His friendship is something I truly cherish, and I am extremely grateful that I get to be his mentor!

Hanging out with Patrick really makes our son's days because he is so excited to be able to share the same interest with Patrick. They both never get tired of talking and enjoying sports and attending sporting events together. Patrick is always patient and understanding. The most important thing is that our son can also trust Patrick for guidance as he navigates through the social issues of teenagers. Our son feels confident because he is not alone and a peer cares about him. We really appreciate the support our son is receiving as communication and social skills have always been a struggle for him. Patrick takes a personal interest and is committed to be a friend. We look forward to watching their friendship get stronger this year and the amazing positive impact it has on both.

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