A Fun Father’s Day craft and virtual National Parks tour

In June we celebrate father’s day. Here is a fun craft you can do with your buddy on Zoom or social distancing. Also, we have included the details and links for a fun virtual tour to National Parks.



-Black, Pink and green craft foam sheets or construction paper if desired

-liquid glue (will work better with foam)


-White poster board or cardstock

-Pencil or Marker

-Googly eyes

-Popsicle Stick


STEP 1: To start this craft, you’ll need to draw a popsicle like the one shown in the main image here.

STEP 2: Trace the popsicle onto bright green craft foam (or construction paper) and cut out.

STEP 3: Glue the popsicle stick to the back of your popsicle. Be sure to center it so the popsicle is lopsided.

STEP 4: Glue your popsicle to your white poster board or cardstock.

STEP 5: Glue googly eyes onto your popsicle. Add a black smile made with black craft foam, or use a black marker to draw one on. Cut pink rosy cheeks from craft foam, and glue above your popsicle’s smile.

STEP 6: Cut out popsicle droplets from scraps of the bright green craft foam and glue them around your popsicle.

STEP 7: Add your message with a marker or print your words and glue them onto your card.


The National Parks Service is also offering a wide range of virtual park experiences. How about a tour of Oregon's Crater Lake with country musician Dierks Bentley? Nibble on trail mix while you watch and plan your next outdoor adventure with your buddy.

Check out the National Park Foundation's suggestions for Park Activities You Can Do from the Comfort of Your Home or take a virtual visit to a National Park by clicking here:


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