Abhi and Buddy

RHS Mentor Abhi and buddy

I’ve loved spending these last few years with my buddy. He’s an incredibly talented, funny, and loving person who has been a joy to spend time with. I look forward to seeing his bright smile and eager recap of the week every time we meet. We’ve explored sports like tennis, football, and basketball, but our favorite activity of all is folding and flying paper airplanes. Our friendship means a lot to me because it made me comfortable with being a role model. Knowing that someone looks up to me makes me want to be a better person and a better friend. It’s also been humbling to see the subtle changes in him over these years. Watching him make diligent work to become the person he wants to be is highly admirable. I’m extremely thankful for AFK because it gave me the opportunity to meet and become friends with such an amazing person. I’m excited to continue my mentorship and look forward to making more memories with my buddy.


Abhi is an excellent mentor who has significantly impacted my life. He is flexible, fun, and always willing to play games with me. We often play outside, board games, and even tennis. Abhi is a great tennis player who taught me useful techniques like serving and hitting the ball back. He is also amusing and goes with the flow. Overall, he is a very kind person. We played various games, including computer games, and he even brought some of his own. He brought joy to my life, and we shared many stories about our experiences. Abhi is my best friend and I hope we will be friends forever.

Mentee Parent

It's next to impossible to express how deeply we appreciate Abhi's exceptional mentorship! He has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting our son's growth and development and the impact of his efforts has been remarkable. Thanks to Abhi's guidance, our son has achieved significant improvements in various areas, including daily living skills, sports, and self-management. Abhi has a unique ability to adjust to our son's changing moods and maintain a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere that allows our son to thrive. Abhi's mentoring approach expresses empathy, understanding, and compassion, which has helped our son's confidence and independence flourish. In addition to providing direct in-person support to our son, the mentor has also been an excellent online gaming and chatting partner. Abhi is absolutely punctual and has never missed a meeting without letting us know beforehand and making a make-up appointment. The mentor is always available via mobile texting, and our son contacts him occasionally with questions and to arrange their weekly meetings. Abhi is a very kind, lively, and enthusiastic young man, who is always willing to play sports, go for walks, and engage in other activities. He's become a real friend to our son and virtually a family to us. We are completely happy that we've met Abhi and would love to express our incredible gratitude for his positive influence on the life of our family!

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