Jonah and Buddy

Eastlake High School Mentor Jonah and buddy

Growth comes in many forms, mine came through my mentorship. My buddy is one of the most positive, genuine, and competitive people I have ever met. I mean he can make a game of pig feel like game 7 of the NBA finals. Every time I hang out with him, he always finds enjoyment in whatever it is we do. From card games to intense hiking my buddy always has a smile on his face and is always laughing. I deeply admire his positivity and enjoyment of life; I find myself trying to be more like him. Whenever I feel down, I remind myself to attack life as my buddy would- with a smile on my face.

Mentee Parent

We are so fortunate to have Jonah as our son’s mentor and cannot say enough wonderful things about this program. Over the last few years, Jonah and our son have developed a true friendship. We appreciate Jonah's willingness to mentor. He has directly helped our son build more self-esteem and develop more successful relationships with his peers. From hiking, to playing cards together, to our son cheering on Jonah during varsity football games-- they always have fun together! We appreciate Jonah and all that he does for our son and our family. What an incredible impact Jonah had!

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