3 fun summer art activities

Here are 3 fun art activities you can do with your buddy this summer.

1. Create fun water sponge balls
Cut a few colorful sponges into strips and you have a fun water sponge ball! Soak it in water and throw it around by the pool, what a fun and useful summer craft. This is the ultimate of summer crafts!

2. Juice Box sailboat

This summer kids craft should float your boat! Drink up those juice boxes and save them to make these cute juice box sailboats. I wonder if they would actually float in the pool!

3. Tie Dye Shirts with Sharpies

Make fun tie dye shirts this summer. Get creative with designs to make a summer t-shirt you love!

Lay out the t-shirt and stick a piece of paper or parchment paper inside it. Draw zigzag designs across the front leaving a thin white strip in between each color. Your buddy can make any design.

Pour some alcohol into the spray bottle, and spray a good layer over all the colors. The more you soak it, the more it will spread.

To finish them up Wait about 30 minutes for the color to be done spreading and let dry. When they are almost completely dry throw it in the dryer for about 20 minutes to let the color set.

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