Outdoor board game

Make a HUGE board game outside for hours of fun!


Chalk (at least two colors)

Paper or plastic plates


  1. Draw a checkers “board” on the sidewalk using the chalk
  2. You can have less squares than a traditional checkerboard and use paper plates as game pieces.
  3. Start playing checkers and you can put a twist or variation to the game. For example, a game of knowledge. You can begin by standing in a colored square at the lower end of the game board and act as the “question master” who calls out questions to your buddy. If your buddy answers correctly he can move forward one square. You can take turns being the “question master” and add a rule that if someone answers a question incorrectly, they need to move backwards. The beauty of this game is that you can adjust the difficulty of the questions or try silly questions like spelling a word backwards. The sky is the limit!
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