Activities/ideas for AFK mentors and buddy-parents.

The Gnome Trail in Maple Valley

Are you looking for a fun hike with your buddy? We have just the activity for you! The Gnome Trail […]

Holiday Science Experiments

What could be more fun than making science experiments this holiday season? Read on for a collection of amazing science experiments that you […]

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are a great activity you can do with your buddy. This is a no bake and easy to […]

Gratitude Crafts

Take joy in giving thanks in all things! Here are 2 gratitude activities you can do outdoors with your buddy […]

3 Fun Halloween Crafts

Halloween is the perfect holiday to do-it-yourself: carving jack-o-lanterns, sewing homemade costumes and baking sweet treats. Here are 3 fun […]

Fun activities to do this fall with your buddy

Each idea on this fall bucket list can be done while social distancing, they are very fun and easy to […]

Apple picking with your buddy

Are you looking for a fun fall activity to do with your buddy this fall? Well, look no further! You can go […]

Outdoor Balloon Splatter Painting

Enjoy the wonderful outdoors while creating an art masterpiece with your buddy and social distancing. This is a fun activity […]

Fun social distancing cooking activities

You can easily do these cooking activities while social distancing with your buddy, they are so much fun! Make sure […]

Fun with books and Storyline Online

Reading a book with a friend is always a good idea! Here are some fun ways to read a book […]

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