Holiday Science Experiments

What could be more fun than making science experiments this holiday season? Read on for a collection of amazing science experiments that you can do with your buddy while social distancing, perfect for the upcoming season.


Now you have a chance to grow your very own Christmas tree sponge with your buddy.


  • A small container of grass seed (although other fast sprouting seeds would probably work as well)
  • A sponge cut into the shape of a Christmas tree
  • A spray bottle


  1. Start by soaking the sponge in water. Then cover Christmas tree shaped sponge with grass seeds
  2. Once the sponge is covered in seeds, use the spray bottle to ensure the are damp.
  3. You can leave the tree sponge at your buddy’s house and make sure he continues to spray the sponge every day.
  4. About two and a half weeks you and your buddy will notice grass growing on it.


This simple experiment takes 2 minutes to set up and was super fun.


  • Water
  • Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Candy Canes


  1. Fill 4 cups up with the same amount of liquid in each glass.
  2. Place the candy canes in a bowl near the glasses for easy access.

The fun here is to predict how easy the candy canes dissolve in each mix. You and your buddy can have fun making observations and document it on a sheet of paper.


Making sun prints is a perfect outdoor art activity with a holiday twist. You can easily do this activity outdoors with you buddy and see how photography works and how to replicate it with sun light. The resulting prints are very cool and mess free!


  • Sunography Fabric or Sunography Paper (you can order this in Amazon) You can also use a plain papper or fabric, however it is recommended for this activity to use Sunography Fabric or paper
  • Holiday cookie cutters
  • A sunny day (this activity is meant to be done on a sunny day)


  1. Place the cookie cutters on top of the sonography fabric or paper.
  2. Leave the cookie cutters and sonography paper outdoors and observe how the sun slowly starts to make the shapes that you are placing on top. While you wait you can go for a walk outdoors, when you return you will see how the shapes have formed under the sun!
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