Fun Activities to do with your buddy before summer ends

Here is a list of 15 fun activities to do with your buddy before summer ends!

We put together our most popular activities that our mentors are doing this summer to help give you ideas for one last get together before the seasons change. Remember to always check your buddie’s Emergency Card for details on allergies and restrictions before starting a new activity*

Hollly and Leslie
  • 1. Make Homemade Ice Cream

  • 2. Go on a walk or hike with your buddy

  • 3. Play with sidewalk chalk.

    Hopscotch? Art Contest? Make a road for toy cars? The possibilities are endless!

  • 4. Visit a park or splashpad

  • 5. Play Frisbee

  • 6. Bake cookies

  • 7. Play a Board game and beat the heat inside.

  • 8. Make your own play-doh

  • 9. Organize a backyard picnic

  • 10. Build a fort

  • 11. Play with water balloons

  • 12. Lemonade Stand

  • 13. Build a small boat and try to make it sail in a fountain or a pool

  • 14. Draw a picture from insects you see outside

  • 15. Watch an outdoor movie

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