Outdoor bicycle games

Here are 3 fun outdoor bicycle games you can play with your buddy:

How Slow Can You Go?

Using sidewalk chalk, draw a 4-inch wide line that stretches across a driveway or down the street. Have some of the line be straight, have some be curvy, or make them have a figure eight.  Using a stopwatch, time your buddy and challenge him to go as slow as he can without putting his foot down. You can take turns and he can time you!

Bike obstacle course

Set up a course with safety cones (or objects you have in the garage) down a sidewalk. Get creative with your course, asking your buddy to loop around cones, ride between objects, etc.   Make the course as elaborate or simple as you want

Red Light, Green Light

Adapt this popular playground game for the bicycle. You can act as the “traffic controller” and take turns with your buddy.

With your back turned yell out “green light” and your buddy can start biking towards you

Face back and give the “red light” so your buddy can come to a stop

Set a timer, and the winner will be the one that can get past the traffic controller in less time.

*Safety first: Remember to always use your helmet and have your buddy use his. When in doubt, ask your buddy’s parent if your buddy can do these activities before starting.


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