3 Fun online activities to do this week with your buddy

From making your own comic book, to reading together and a puppet show, here are some fun activities to do online with your buddy for the week!

Make your own comic book together

Who doesn’t love a good story? You can both start your comic book or story or use this fun template and print it (CLICK HERE https://www.momjunction.com/print-coloring-image/?print=2014/12/Sam-I-Am&pageid=119372) to download and print the comic book template.


· Paper

· Colors, crayons or markers


1. If you decide to use the template, print the template and tell your buddy’s mom in advance to print your buddy’s template. It’s ok if you decide not to print it, you can both make your own

2. Add a script, draw superhero pictures and share with your buddy your story and then he can share his. A fun idea is that each of you can make their own story, or you can both do the same story. Maybe ask your buddy if he wants to do the beginning and you can do the end

3. Decorate and color your comic book

It is fun to decide together who will the superhero be, and what the story of the comic will be and everything can be done while both of you are on Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp Call. Have fun!

Virtual Book Club

Have you always wanted to belong to a book club? Here is your chance! What is your favorite book? What is your buddy’s favorite book? Choose one book per week and read it together and then talk about it. After reading it (you can take turns) and talking about it you can make a craft or color a page together. For example this week you could read “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. And then you could print this page and color it together. Or, you could tell your buddy to go to the backyard and bring some rocks and paint them green just like the book. CLICK HERE https://www.momjunction.com/print-coloring-image/?print=2014/12/Sam-I-Am&pageid=119372 to print the Green Eggs and Ham coloring page. If you are painting the rocks let your buddy parent know in advance that you will be needing 5 or 6 rocks, paint and brushes so that can be ready after you finish reading and discussing the book.

Puppet Show

If you or your buddy have any finger puppets or action figures at your house, hold them up in front of the camera (while you hide out of sight) and put on a little puppet show. You can also have them put on a puppet show for you.

If you and your buddy want to get creative you can do your own backdrop or stage! Just make sure that it’s not so big so that the camera can get it while you are doing the show. Ask your buddy parent in advance to have this materials ready for when you call your buddy. Here are the instructions:


· A big cardboard box

· 2 x tea towels

· Masking tape

· Scissors


Make sure that for the cutting parts, ask your buddy parent for help if you don’t think your buddy is ready to use the scissors.

Cut out the base and back panel of the box so that you just have a stand-alone stage frame: one long side and two short sides as flaps to keep it upright.

Out of the long side, cut an arch (the frame of a stage) leaving about 8 inches around each side and top. There should be no bottom edge, just a square opening like an archway. The two side panels should allow the proscenium arch stand up by itself.

Attach curtains to the backstage side of the arch by using your two tea towels. Use masking tape to stick them into place, or if you have a large stapler, use a stapler.

Use a black marker or paints to write the name of your puppet theatre across the top in fancy theatre writing. Prop your puppet theatre on the dining table and put on a show. Make sure you prop the phone so that it shows the stage and the puppets. The puppets should perform in front of the curtain, with the curtain as a backdrop.

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