Rylie and Buddy

4-Rylie and Buddy

Friendship is a true gift and one that Issaquah mentor Rylie has given to her buddy. Matched for almost a year, Rylie has been a calming and consistent presence in her buddy’s life. Rylie says, “I am so thankful to have my buddy in my life. She is always so happy and joyful, which has brought me so much happiness. Although she has her struggles, she is smart and very curious about the world. I am so happy she is my buddy and that I have the opportunity to be her mentor!” 

"Our daughter has difficulty with communication and social skills. Rylie’s kind, understanding and easy-going personality, makes her happy. She loves to spend time with Rylie at home, the park, or the pool. Our daughter can become frustrated when she can’t answer questions, but Rylie is patient, calm and makes her laugh. Rylie is a very good friend to our daughter and as parents it is amazing to see such a direct impact on a child.”

Both Rylie and her buddy are looking forward to the year ahead and are excited to make more memories. Their bond will only get stronger!

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