Garrett and Buddy

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When I was approached by an Athletes for Kids representative, I was ecstatic about the thought of having an impact on someone and mentoring them throughout life. I had expected that I would be able to help my buddy with day-to-day issues and be there for him; however, I never anticipated the tremendous impact he would have on me. The way he treats me, and those around him, motivates me to become a better person and treat others with the same unconditional kindness he does. Additionally, when I hang out with him, I just flat out have fun. I can’t wait to see the things that he achieves later in life and I will always be proud to call him my buddy. Overall, I couldn’t be more happy with my experience with Athletes for Kids, and I would advise anyone who has any interest at all to join, you won’t regret it.

Garrett has been an amazing mentor to my son. This year we have witnessed an even deeper bond between them as my son opened up to new experiences and started to love playing cricket. We are always amazed with how much care and attention Garrett gives to him showing genuine interest and learning about cricket and playing with him every time (rain or shine). Garrett always makes time to attend and cheer my son at his dance performance, band and piano recitals. He is a great example for him to model: kindness, empathy, respect, manner.

In my son's own words “Garrett is always nice to me and I look forward to spending time with him”

We are lucky to have Garrett in my son's life this past 1.5 year. He has been a positive influence on him. We look forward to their relationship growing as he enters his teen years and become a smart and responsible teenager.

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