Friendship crafts

February is National Friendship Month! Here are 3 craft ideas to make with your buddy and have a fun time.

Friendship Pasta Necklaces


-Pasta (1 box)

-Ziploc bags

-Paper Towels


-Food coloring

-White Vinegar


  1. Pour the pasta into a large mixing bowl and separate it into several large zip lock baggies, one for each color you want to make.
  2. Next, add a few drops of food coloring and about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to each bag. Seal up the bags and shake them until the pasta is brightly colored!
  3. Dump the colored pasta out onto paper towels to air dry. While the pasta is drying cut pieces of string-they can be up to 30 inches long each
  4. Once the pasta is dry, you can start building the necklaces with your buddy. Mix the colors and finally when you finish remember to tie the knots at the end of the pasta string.

Colorful Bird Cards


-Cupcake Liners or you can also use coffee filters

-Double sided tape

-Crayons or Markers



  1. Fold a piece of paper in the middle to make it look like a card
  2. Cut Cupcake liners to form the birds. ½ cupcake liner makes the body of the bird, ¼ cupcake liner makes the tail, wing and head
  3. After you finish making the birds attach them with the double sided tape to the back of the cupcake liners and place them in front of the card.
  4. Decorate and paint the birds and the card with crayons or markers.

Complimentary Placemats


-Colored Post its



-Markers or crayons


-Clear Contact Paper


There’s no better way to celebrate friendship month than to work in a craft that is filled with compliments and kind words for you and your buddy. This can be used as a breakfast placemat of positive thoughts!

  1. Place a sheet of colored paper on the table. Start arranging the post its, stickers and pictures in a collage on top of the paper.
  2. You can write kind words to each other on the post its. Have fun decorating the placemat with stickers, drawing or even using pictures of both of you.
  3. When you finish laminate it with clear contact paper.
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