Doug and Buddy

Mercer Island High School Mentor Doug and buddy

My experience in Athletes for Kids has been completely different than what I imagined it would be. Joining the program, I expected the meetings with my buddy would be something I checked off my list each week. However, after my first meeting with my buddy, my whole view of Athletes for Kids changed. Meeting with my buddy is not some weekly chore for me to get over with but rather it is an activity I find myself looking forward to week after week. From playing board games, to going fishing, spending time with my buddy allows me to bring out my “inner child” and live in the moment. Whatever math test or history project that is stressing me out at the time is always quickly forgotten whenever we meet. Talking with my buddy is never boring. He always has a different perspective or funny remark that catches me off guard. My experience in Athletes for Kids has by far been the most meaningful opportunity I have had the pleasure to be involved in.

Mentee Parent

Our son’s mentor Douglas has been an incredible source of support and encouragement. Their bond goes beyond just playing soccer outside, as they share a love for board games as well. This unique connection has helped my son in two significant ways. Firstly, their mentorship on the soccer field has boosted his self-confidence. Douglas’ patient guidance and positive reinforcement have given our son a sense of achievement. Secondly, their shared enjoyment of board games has provided a relaxed, enjoyable space for my son to unwind and connect. Douglas’ unwavering support, whether on the field or across a board game, has created a sense of belonging and reassurance that has been invaluable in nurturing his overall well-being. We are so grateful for Douglas and AFK!

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