Sydney and Buddy


Newport mentor Sydney has only been matched with her buddy for 6 months, but already the magic of
mentoring has begun.

“Having the chance to be someone's mentor is an amazing opportunity. I have always loved to help people and help my community, but this mentorship has brought that to a whole new level. It has been incredible to watch how much my buddy has grown around me and to see the progress being made week by week. Every week, we find something new and fun for us to do, just around the house. She is such a creative girl, and she is filled with fun. I love to be around her and be part of her own little world. Being a mentor has also taught me so many things. The most prominent one has been patience. I previously considered myself a patient person but being a mentor can be very taxing. Sometimes, you just aren't feeling it, you are having a bad day; but then you remember that you only get one or two hours to spend with your buddy. My buddy often makes me feel so much better too. I really appreciate all the time I have spent with my buddy and I hope to continue to expand our relationship!”

“I don't have enough good words to say about Sydney and her impact on our daughter! It is so wonderful to have Sydney spend time with her consistently. It creates such a feeling of support, and our daughter is calmer and more confident as a result. She gets that extra attention she needs to practice social skills,
good sportsmanship, respect, and utilizing language to express herself. Sydney's patience and generosity has helped our daughter to blossom and to trust in their relationship. This helps her be more open and deepen her other relationships as a result. Thank you, Sydney, and Athletes for Kids, for all you do!”

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