Noah and Buddy

Noah and his buddy

Hanging out with my buddy is one of, if not my favorite part of my week. We love building Hot Wheels tracks as well as domino-placing cars and cool circuit kits. He especially loves going to swim and dive down to search for toys or climb on my shoulders as I run around the pool. He is constantly curious, whether it be searching for hidden treasure (geocaches) or finding out how to turn each radio station in my car, to 95.7 This mentorship has shown me so much about friendship.  I get to bond with my buddy as he shows me all the stuff he likes to do, as well as what I like to do, and we both support each other constantly. For example, he came to my track meet all the way in Tahoma! I am so fortunate to be put in a position where I can be friends with such a great kid, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Noah is amazing! He is fun, dependable, kind, creative, and (my favorite) a “big kid” who finds joy in everything! My son looks forward to spending time with Noah every week! A sampling of their amazing adventures thus far includes swimming, visiting a trampoline park, geo caching for treasure, exploring a pumpkin patch, and creating STEM projects. However, quality time with Noah doesn’t always have to be a “big” experience. My son also enjoys staying home to play Hot Wheels, a game, or eating at Taco Time with Noah. I appreciate everything Noah does for and with my son and consider him a member of the family.

In a world of technology, human interaction is extremely important. AFK mentors choose to spend time with their buddy – engage, care, assist, and understand. Without AFK and Noah, my son’s social skills wouldn’t be progressing as they are. Thank you, Noah, and thank you AFK!

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