Fun in the sun!

Here are 3 fun activities you can do with your buddy this summer.

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe may seem like the simplest game in the world, but it becomes much more of a challenge when you play it with frisbees!


-Tablecloth or shower curtain

-Colored tape

-10 frisbees (2 colors)


Stand behind a line and take turns trying to get your frisbees into rows of three! It's harder than you think!

Spray away


-Golf tees

-Smooth Surface (grass)

-Ping pong balls

-Water guns


In a smooth surface or grass set up 6 golf tees and ping pong balls on the tees. You and your buddy can take turns racing and then squirting them with water guns.

Make multiple tee planks for team races, and make it more challenging by having them stand farther away!

Yard twister

Why play indoors when you can play this classic game outside in the sun?


-Non permanent Spray paint (red, yellow, green and blue)

-Pizza box



Cut a large circle out of cardboard or an empty pizza box and use it as a stencil to paint a Twister board right on your lawn! There should be four rows (one of each color) with six circles each. You can make it bigger for more people, but make sure each of the circles aren't too far apart! It'll be tricky enough as it is! Take turns with your buddy, he can choose what colors you step on and you can choose the colors for him.

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