Kate and Buddy

LWHS Mentor Kate and her buddy

My mentorship has been atypical, but it has been amazing. I was matched with my buddy during the pandemic, so our first meetings were always over Facetime. After some time, I was able to safely see her in her backyard every Saturday. A couple of months later my buddy and her family moved to the East Coast. We have continued to call each other every Saturday and we play video games together. She is someone I look forward to seeing and laughing with while also hearing about her week. I am thankful for my buddy because she has taught me patience and the value of friendship in unique ways.

Kate has been such a great mentor. Not only does she have a positive and uplifting attitude, she's also able to communicate this positive mindset to our daughter. She always has encouraging words, and our daughter loves the time she spends with Kate. Our move across the country was a big transition and Kate has been a constant and powerful relationship throughout this big time of change. They have been able to keep in contact because of Kate’s commitment and enthusiasm. It makes a huge difference, and we are so grateful for Kate’s consistency, kindness, and overall "awesomeness!"

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