Jack and Buddy

JHS Mentor Jack and buddy

My mentorship with my buddy has been amazing. We got matched before quarantine, so we were able to hang out before everything got shut down. At the start we had to do some FaceTime calls but then we started being able to hang out in person. From then on, it’s been great! We started to play many new sports together whenever we would spend time with one another. One of my favorite memories with my buddy is when we started playing spike ball together. Once we started that it became one of his favorite things to do. Another thing I love with my buddy is after my football games I always see him waiting on the fence for me to come say hi to him. It always makes me so happy seeing a smile on his face after my games. Overall, my mentorship with my buddy has been such a blessing in my life and I am so happy I decided to do the program Athletes for Kids!


“This mentorship has meant a lot. It is like I have another older brother. Jack is always very optimistic, he is very organized, and offers multiple suggestions for his visits. My friendship with Jack means a lot.”

Dad (Ben)

“I think Jack has been a wonderful role model for our son. We continually hear throughout the community, 'what a great guy Jack is.' This makes us feel even more grateful for the AFK Program.”

Mom (Judi)

“I love Jack, and the relationship he and our son have developed over the past two years. Yes, I did say love because Jack makes it easy to consider him part of our family. Our son values the time and focus that is given to him during the scheduled visits. This is a very special time for learning and growth for both of the boys, and I believe their friendship will last a lifetime. Thank you, AFK!”

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