Zachary and Buddy

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"My buddy and I spend a lot of time talking about our dream cars. He has taught me countless facts about both old cars and new ones. We love to ride scooters to the park and kick around the soccer ball. Our favorite time together is when we make our own rules for chess. Throughout this program I have learned more communication skills and he has taught me to be both a better listener and a better helper. Every time we hang out one of us is teaching the other something new. Whether it’s about cars or life skills we are always learning together. I love being a mentor because not only do I get to learn new skills, but I also got to meet a great friend and have had help people who have supported me every step of the way."

"Our son has always been a shy boy with strangers, but Zachary has been phenomenal from the start. He is always patient and takes time to play and talk to our son. Our son always looks forward to hearing from Zachary and he says, he has found someone that has accepted him, even with his difficult speech and all. Zachary has exceeded our expectations and he has been a wonderful friend to our son. Zachary, thank you for everything."

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