Lauren and Buddy

Lauren and buddy

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to mentor my buddy, says BHS mentor Lauren. My buddy radiates happiness and is so fun to be with. I love mentoring her because it means so much to me that I can make an impact in someone’s life. I have been mentoring my buddy since May and I have seen her not only be even more confident and outgoing but also be open to trying different things. When we hang out, we like to walk to Starbucks (her favorite place), play games, or do art projects. I am so thankful to AFK for introducing me to such an amazing girl and giving me the opportunity to mentor her.

Our family has had the pleasure to be introduced to Athletes for Kids Youth Mentoring for our daughter who has Down Syndrome. Ever since it has been a life changing experience for her and us! 

“Our daughter was introduced to a lovely, caring, responsible amazing Bellevue High School student named Lauren. Lauren is simply AWESOME!! Lauren and our daughter have since spent many fun times together. The "Mentorship" has developed into a "friendship" and our daughter adores Lauren. I feel that it is a mutual feeling from Lauren as well. They have shared a variety of activities friends do together such as baking cupcakes, painting pumpkins for Halloween, talking walks to the park for a game of basketball, and playing board games. Their favorite activity is to walk to Starbucks and "chill", something all teenagers enjoy doing. The positive role model Lauren has displayed and shared has made the family feel that this entire experience is a true Blessing. We feel Lauren will always be a part of our family forever. Thank you, Lauren, you've made a difference and for that we are very grateful.”

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