Ethan K and Buddy

Eastlake High School Ethan Kim

"Joining the Athletes for Kids program has exponentially increased my character development through the last three years of my life and all that has to be because of the relationship I have built with my buddy. I’ve had the privilege to literally watch my buddy grow before my eyes and the memories we have made are unforgettable. My buddy has given me a space to be in the moment with him. He’s pushed me to try new things and I’ve encouraged him to try new things. I vividly remember the first time he took me mountain biking and being terrified knowing I would fall. But he helped me and guided me the entire way, showing me the ropes and pushing me to get out of my comfort zone. One time we biked to Pine Lake Park from his house and spent over half an hour just running around taking self-timer photos of ourselves at the park. At first it was my idea to do it, but as time progressed, he started to take the lead and offer new ideas for different photos. The memories I share with my buddy will last a lifetime and I am so thankful for what he’s brought to my life and what this program has brought to my life and the community."

"Having Ethan as a mentor for our son has not only provided him with a positive ally and playmate, but someone he can relate to and look up to as a role model. Ethan’s easy going and supportive attitude toward our son makes him more that way as a person. Ethan provides a unique mentorship that is leading him in the right direction. We are so grateful for the understanding and compassion Ethan has shown and for the connection the boys have made. Our son’s time with Ethan has created inroads that will provide him with the right tools to make positive and lasting relationships with others. Our family would like to thank Ethan for all the time he has invested in the mentorship. It has made such an impact in his life."

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