Carson and Buddy

July Story

Athletes for kids had provided me with a new meaning of friendship and family. As a mentor it has been a privilege to work with kids who have all sorts of disabilities. It has provided me with experiences and relationships I would have never thought I’d have, allowing me to grow and learn throughout the time spent. The mentorship has also allowed for me to take note of the most important qualities to have in life such as patience and flexibility. These traits have allowed for my relationship with my buddy to extend even further allowing both of us to learn more and have fun together. Over the course of three years, the time that I have spent with my buddy has become essential to my own routine. Getting to know my buddy and hang out with him has given me a new friendship that will last forever. Having his support at my high school games and getting to be around him has been one of the best experiences I have had and I look forward to continuing our friendship.

Mentee Parent

We are incredibly grateful to AFK for the amazing positive impact Carson Sparling has had on our son’s life.

Carson always arrives with a smile. He politely accepts “embraces” from our dog Mo as she eagerly greets him.

Carson and our son spend time exploring the neighborhood, stopping to swing, play basketball, or tennis in our driveway.

When the weather is bad, they get creative by playing ping pong on our kitchen table, followed by epic battles on the Xbox.

When Carson is at our house, the air is full of fun and friendly competition.

Carson is easy going, enthusiastic, kind, compassionate, and a great competitor. He knows how & when to challenge our son.

Above all, we all absolutely love Carson!

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