Brooke and Buddy

May Story

I joined Athletes for Kids in my sophomore year of high school, and it has been a very meaningful experience that I will forever cherish. I knew my buddy and I would be a perfect match when I saw that she loved music and dancing. I always look forward to listening to Taylor Swift in the car with her, going to the park, or doing an art activity together. She brings out the creative side of me and I always love trying new things together. I love how energetic and heartwarming she is, and I can always count on my buddy to make me smile. Spending time with my buddy is something I look forward to every week. I feel so grateful that my buddy and her family have welcomed me into their home and have given me this opportunity. I have no doubt our friendship will last well beyond high school.

Mentee Parent

AFK did the seemingly impossible. They matched Brooke with our daughter, and in doing so, blessed our entire family. Witnessing the bond blossom between Brooke and our daughter over the past two years has been an absolute privilege. Brooke's unwavering patience and support were nothing short of extraordinary. It all began simply with Brooke following our daughter around the house as she paced and watched videos. Today, their relationship has blossomed into something truly beautiful. They share outings for treats, walks together, and cuddle on the couch, enjoying their favorite movies. Brooke's kindness and compassion are truly unmatched, and we are eternally grateful for the transformative impact she, and AFK by extension, have had on our daughter’s life and on our family.

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