Spring Crafts

Looking for some fun outdoor craft ideas to make with your buddy this spring? Enjoy the nice weather and play outdoors with these easy spring crafts!

 DIY Recycled Bottle Bowling


-Leftover soda bottles (try to get at least 6)

-Old tennis ball

-Acrylic paint



  1. Have fun painting the tennis ball and the soda bottles so they look like a bowling ball and pins
  2. Let them dry
  3. Setup the bottles far from you and your buddy and start bowling!

Make your own kite


-5"x11" piece of paper. (cardstock works best)
-A wooden skewer. A straight drinking straw works too.
-Kite string. You can find this at a lot of department stores. If not, almost any strong but light string would work

-Scissors or hole punch


  1. Start with your piece of paper: Fold it in half.
  2. Mark a point on the top of the paper about one inch from the fold then mark a point on the bottom of the paper about one inch from the open side. Imagine, or draw, a line connecting these two dots.
  3. Fold the top corner of the paper down along the line that you've just created
  4. Next, flip the paper over and fold the other side down to match the side you just folded
  5. Flip the paper back over so that it looks the way it did in Step 4 and tape along the middle seam.
  6. Lay a skewer across the kite, as shown, and tape it in place. You'll probably have to cut the skewer down to size with your scissors.
  7. Flip the kite back over and straighten the "spine".
  8. Mark a spot about a third of the way down the spine, and about half an inch from the edge. Put tape over this mark to reinforce it on both sides.
  9. Use your hole punch or scissors to make a hole in this spot. Tie your kite string through this hole. Make sure to use a good knot! Tape a length of ribbon to the back of the kite, at the bottom.

DIY Spray chalk


-Spray bottles

-Corn starch

-Baking soda

-Food coloring


  1. Begin by filling the spray bottles 1/3 of the way with baking soda and corn starch using roughly equal amounts of both ingredients.
  2. Add several drops of food coloring to each bottle, rotating colors as desired.
  3. Then, fill them with very warm water.
  4. Use a butter knife or similar to stir the mixture as best you can, and then place the spouts on and shake the bottles well.
  5. You will want to shake the bottles once more just before play, as some of the corn starch will likely settle at the bottom of the bottles
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