Festive holiday activities

Holidays are all about making memories that last a lifetime. Here are some fun activities you can do with your buddy this holiday season

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

A handmade ornament will bring back sweet memories every year when you hang it on the tree.

To make:
 Hot-glue tinsel and mini Christmas notions in solid-backed aluminum cutters. Tie or glue a piece of thin ribbon to the back for hanging.

DIY Hot Cocoa Kit

Enjoy a delicious treat with your buddy!

To make: Paint a red circle with acrylic paint (or use a round red sticker) on a 1-cup mason jar. Once dry paint on a bit of greenery and write hot cocoa. Layer hot cocoa mixture, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows in the jar. Place a square of seasonal fabric between the lid and screw band and tighten.

Felt Wreath

Simply tie strips of green felt around a wreath form to create this fluffy and fun holiday decor.

To make: Cut strips of two different shades of green felt. Tie strips around a wreath form. Attach small red ornaments throughout the wreath with hot glue. Loop a length of wide ribbon around the wreath to hang.

Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornament Crafts

For the candy canes you will need red or white pipe cleaners, red and white tri-beads and some red ribbon. Take a pipe cleaner and add one bead, then secure the end of the pipe cleaner to that bead. Add more beads, alternating between red and white, until you cover about 2/3 of the pipe cleaner. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner around the last bead and cut off excess. Bend the bead-covered pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane and tie on a ribbon where it will hang on a tree branch.

For the wreaths you will need green pipe cleaner, red and green plastic beads, and a metal ornament hook. Alternate between groups of green beads and a groups of red beads, or groups of green beads and a single red bead. Great creative! When you cover about 2/3 of the pipe cleaner, curve it into a circle and twist the two ends together to secure the wreath. Cut off excess pipe cleaner and add an ornament hook.




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