Easy ways to take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself, your friends, and your family can help you cope with stress during social distancing. Helping others cope with their stress can also make your community stronger.

Here are some ways to cope with stress:

  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.
  • How about reading a new book instead? Good Reads is a free app that helps you choose your next book, based on your preferences. Click on the link below to start: https://www.goodreads.com/
  • Take care of your body: take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Click on the link below for 5 free mindful apps that are free! https://www.mindful.org/free-mindfulness-apps-worthy-of-your-attention/
  • Try to eat healty, well balanced meals. Cooking is also a fun activity you can take on! Click on the link below for 8 easy and delicious pasta recipes: https://www.recipetineats.com/quick-easy-pasta-recipes/
  • Exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. There are also free apps that can help you exercise at home, like these ones: https://hip2save.com/tips/best-free-workout-apps/
  • Make time to unwind. Try to do some other activities you enjoy.
  • Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.
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