“Chopped” mystery basket and fun online activities to do with your buddy

Are you up for a 30 minute “chopped” Mystery basket? How about judging a pet show online? Here are 3 fun online activities you can do with your buddy.

Cook a "Chopped mystery basket" together

 Chopped is a competition of skills, creativity, and wit. You'll have fun competing with each other. Make sure you are not using a bake recipe, just to be on the safe side and if you are using knives, make sure an adult is helping your buddy.

Don't worry about using the same ingredients. All you have to do is come up with a challenging basket of random ingredients. Set a timer for 30 minutes, and off you go.

Make sure it’s something delicious! You'll be eating the final product, after all.

Judge a dog show.

YouTube has all kinds of dog shows and beauty pageants. Want to see a border collie zoom off during an agility contest? You got it. A regal retriever walking around showing off their luxurious golden coat? Say no more.

You and your buddy can score these dogs and spend the rest of your chat debating who's best.

Watch livestreams of animals

Explore.org offers plenty of animal livestreams — from birds and bears to wildlife and marine life.

If you're just lucky enough, you might be able to catch a baby bird peeking out of its shell for the first time.


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